Product Specifications:

Pocket Folders

We offer a huge variety of pocket folders, there are so many choices of styles, materials, colors and sizes.

There is something perfect for everyone.


Materials are plentiful as to what we offer in our pocket folders. Linen stock includes weights of 80 lb, 90 lb and 100 lb. We also have a smooth, hopsack, cordwain, felt or vellum finishes available, each with their own set of colors. There is also a recycled 18 pt. Eco Kraft material as well.

We also have a 12 pt. or 14 pt. white C1S semi-gloss stock that can be flooded in any PMS color of your choice or left as white.


Decoration choices are widespread as well. We can use a four-color process, foil stamping, embossing or PMS spot color printing.  These choices should cover anything you may want to accomplish.


Style choices are many. They include round or square corners, horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved pockets, standard or reinforced edges, expandable spines, expandable pockets, 4.25” and 6” inside pockets, file tabs for your outer edge, wrap around flaps, tuck tabs, 2 and 3 panel tax and report covers, covers with or without windows, in 9 x 12”, 14 x 8.5”, 6 x9”, 4.5 x 9”, 7 x 10”, 8 x 11” closed overall measurements.


Folder coatings are used to keep your folder’s ink smudge proof and/or to add durability.

  • Gloss = shiny
  • Satin = semi shiny
  • Matte = flat
  • Soft touch = gives a suede like feel/look

Aqueous coating – gloss, satin, matte or soft touch, water based and standard on printed folders. Seals the ink, adds no durability.

Lamination – gloss, matte or soft touch, a protective film layer of plastic that seals the ink and adds durability and shine. Makes your folder the strongest it can be.

UV – high gloss finish that seals the ink and gives a brilliant shine, adds no durability.

Spot Coatings – a combination of gloss and matte coatings to achieve a desired effect.