Product Specifications:

Certificate/Diploma Holders

We offer Certificate/Diploma Holders in padded imitation leather, bonded leather, vinyl, and paper certificate holders in many sizes and colors. They can be made in different orientations and with several choices of finish. Cover decoration can be silk screened, foil stamped, debossed, or printed with your company verbiage and/or logo.


Imitation leather and bonded leather holders are produced by gluing your choice of material to a chipboard, wrapping the edges around the board, and gluing them on the inside. Interior liners are glued in to cover the edges, either with a silk moire covering or a plain white coated board. Whether you want to accommodate one or two inserts, 7/8” silk moire corners are glued to that interior board or boards before it is added, to hold your insert and acetate firmly in place. There are many more colors available for you to choose from and you can match or contrast your corners and liners. These are available in padded or non-padded (hard cover) styles. Self-adhesive business card holders and pockets can be added. We also provide crystal-clear acetate sheets that tuck in over your document for protection, shipped in bulk for you to insert along with your insert.


Vinyl holders are constructed by heat sealing sheets of vinyl together around a chipboard, with or without a padding material in between. We offer standard vinyl, premium vinyl and supported vinyl, with or without stitching and metal corners. Your choice of interiors are clear corners, colored corners, or full clear sleeves.


Paper holders can be made from several different forms of linen and 12/14 p.t C1S paper stock. They offer corner slits to hold your insert. These can also be done with a board liner and silk moire corners if you prefer a stiffer product. We also offer a board liner and clear acetate sleeves inside as well.


Certificate Holder sizes are many, any of the commonly used paper or photo sizes can be done. We can also make a cutting die for most any other size you may need in case you have an unusual size certificate. We produce our certificate holders by your insert size. Cover sizes will vary depending on material, but we are always true to the exact size of your insert.


The orientation of your actual printed certificate determines which way your certificate holder opens. A portrait style holder would open like a book, right to left, with the fold on the left-long side and hold vertical inserts. A landscape style holder would also open like a book, right to left, but with the fold on the left-short side, holding horizontal inserts. A tent style holder would open bottom to top and could fold either on the top-long or top-short side, depending which side it folds on would determine whether it is used for a vertical or horizontal sheet. Having the long side at the top is much more common.