ArtWork & Decoration


Artwork & decoration for foil stamping dies must be sharp, solid black against solid white, with no screens, no greys, no drop shadows or gradients. Preferred file formats are high resolution and a minimum of 600 DP. Editable, high-resolution vector files such as EPS, AI, and PDF files which have been saved from one of these two file types, would be our preference for the cleanest copy. Other file types may be “converted” if they are high resolution, and we will be glad to try and work with what you have. All type fonts should be “outlined” as art, to avoid font substitutions. If you have type smaller than 10 point, very fine lines or tight intricate details this can cause foil to “plug” or “fill” and should be avoided.


We can make changes to your artwork. If you supply us with good vector art, we can resize and position it on the cover to your liking at no charge. We will also make minor adjustments for you whenever we can. If your artwork needs major help or isn’t vector art, we charge $50. per image to help you get exactly what you are looking for. We would discuss this with you before any work on your design is done. Once your artwork is perfect and approved by you, we will send you a vector copy for your files which you can use on other products/projects as well, so be sure to save.


All artwork & decoration files can be sent to or We will work with our design department to get your proof done as soon as possible. Once the artwork has been set, we will email it back to you for approval. A simple email reply that you are happy with your design and “ready to go” is all that’s needed. If it still needs some tweaking, we will do that as well. Once you are happy with your cover decoration we can move into production with your order.


For jobs that require a new stamping die for a foil imprint or debossing, we charge a flat fee of $110. to create your metal die. If your artwork area is larger than 24 square inches, a higher die charge may apply, and we will give you that pricing. This is a one-time fee for your die, and we would use this die on future orders at no charge; you would only be charged again if you changed your design. For jobs that are being silk screened, we do not charge for dies or screens.